Sterling giving away another iPod Touch at University of Iowa Job Fair

Sterling Physical Therapy will be participating in the The University of Iowa job fair for students of physical therapy and related disciplines on Friday, April 30th 2010.  The career fair is being put on by The University of Iowa Graduate Program in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science Student Organization and will run from 1:00pm-4:00pm at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Coralville, Iowa, where Sterling will be giving away an iPod Touch.

Owner, Travis Sterling, PT, OCS, CSCS will be present, as well as Paula Fontinel PT, MBA, and Megan Swingen to answer any questions and talk with students interested in learning more about Sterling Physical Therapy.

We are looking forward to a day of interacting with students from Iowa PT programs and students of related disciplines, but the best part will be registering people who stop by for out iPod Touch drawing. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sterling Completes Mulligan Concept Manual Therapy Training

On March 20 and 21, Sterling Physical Therapy presented a two-day manual therapy seminar led by Frank Gargano, PT, DPT, OCS, of the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association. The session was one of three courses required to sit for the certification examination leading to qualification as a Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP).

The Mulligan Concept offers a new and simple approach in manual therapy. It is the application of mobilizations with movements (MWMS) and was developed by Brian Mulligan, M.N.Z.S.P., Dip. M.T. for lower extremity and spinal joint dysfunction.

Travis Sterling, of Sterling Physical Therapy, sought this class based on the clinic’s specialty: manual-based, with an emphasis in orthopaedic, sports, and workers’ compensation cases.

“I found Frank via a website,” said Sterling. “We went to the class in Chicago in November, and after five minutes of him speaking I knew I had to get him to my clinic to teach us more.”

Outcomes of the clinic included:

  • Presentation and application of Mulligan Concept principals of manual therapy
  • Debate about established conceptual models of pathology and treatment
  • Guidelines for proper and safe application of the techniques
  • Review and discussion on anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to treatment
  • Discussion about enhancing assessment & treatment skills of the Lumbar, Sacroiliac, and LE joints
  • Development of psycho-motor skills in the application of manual therapy

Training all staff members at Sterling Physical Therapy in the exact same way (re: the Mulligan Concept) was an important initiative for the clinic.

“Regardless of which staff member is providing the treatment, the patient will be assured a combination of high quality, hands-on care with complimenting exercises to be completed in the clinic as well as at home,” said Sterling. “This model provides for the greatest possible outcome.”

Missed the seminar? No worries—Sterling Physical Therapy is working with Mr. Gargano to set up an exciting follow-up course on the Upper Extremity to be held either fall 2010 or spring 2011.

“Frank is passionate and enthusiastic in teaching others about manual therapy and The Mulligan Concept!” said Patrick Dooley DPT, ATC. “I found Frank and his seminar to be invigorating!”

Interested to know more about how this training for our staff may positively affect your treatments? Contact the clinic with any questions. Email us at or reach the clinic by phone at 641.621.1401.

Sandal Season is Coming!

Ah . . . the warm weather is finally on its way and with it come bare feet. Sandals have gone from just being worn around the pool, to a warm weather fashion must-have—good, although our feet can take a toll.

The problem, podiatrists say, is that most sandals offer little cushioning and no arch support, forcing wearers into an unnatural gait of increased toe-gripping and foot-slapping.

Possible consequences of wearing sandals without support include:

  • Sore arches and heels, which can progress to chronic conditions such as inflamed Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis
  • Heel calluses
  • Hammer toes
  • Irritation between toes (from “thong-type”)

How do you avoid these common problems yet still maintain your airy feeling of toe freedom? SOLE sandals and footbeds are great solutions!

SOLE sandals at Sterling Physical Therapy

SOLE currently has platinum sandals with an adjustable arch support that will mold to your unique arch. This support prevents your arches from collapsing, ensuring that your ankles are in a neutral position with each step.

The sandal footbed will mold the more you wear them, and the deep heel cup will help with alignment while you walk. A hidden toe ridge in the sandal provides extra gripping power while you move.

Sandal sizes range from  5-11 (women’s) and 7-14 (men’s) and are available at our clinic in Pella. If we don’t have your size in stock, we will gladly special order for you. The new 2010 colors are expected to arrive at the end of March, so be sure to stop in and check them out.

SOLE custom footbeds to fit your foot

Also, from the SOLE brand—custom footbeds! Just like wearing unsupportive sandals, neglecting to support your feet may cause your joints to fall out of alignment, increasing pain and the chance of injury. SOLE custom footbeds’ orthopedic shape provides customized support for the entire foot and helps prevent arch collapse. Come into Sterling Physical Therapy for an evaluation, and achieve your custom fit with the numerous available styles.

At Sterling, we carry Softec Ultra, Softec Response, and Thin Sport footbed styles.

  • The Softec Ultra is for high volume, loose-fitting footwear and has an extra thick cushioning layer.
  • The Softec Response has a layer of cushioning for improved responsiveness inside medium- to tight-fitting footwear.
  • The Thin Sport offers custom support and control for low volume, tight-fitting footwear.

All SOLE footbeds have a 90-day guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with your footbeds for any reason, you can return them for replacement or refund.

Talk to our staff about what is right for you

As you prepare for the spring and summer weather, talk to a member of our staff about why a pair of SOLE sandals or custom footbeds would be right for you. Our team can make sure you’re able to get outdoors and have fun without having to worry about foot pain!

Visit our clinic in Pella to learn more about SOLE sandals and custom footbeds. Our staff is glad to walk through the benefits that supportive sandals can have for you and your feet. We will work with you to determine the proper style and fitment.

Welcome to Sterling Physical Therapy

Thanks for visiting our blog and taking time to learn about my clinic. My name is Travis Sterling and I’m the owner of Sterling Physical Therapy, an Iowa clinic specializing in orthopaedic, sports and workers’ compensation cases.

The clinic was founded in 2007 and is based out of Pella, though we recently opened an office in Knoxville to continue expanding our services to patients.

The Sterling story

The idea for Sterling Physical Therapy came to me while working as a physical therapist in previous roles. As a former Central College football player I had a strong interest in the orthopaedic side of physical therapy. After thinking about the idea and the opportunity it would present for me to help others, I decided I wanted to found a clinic that focused on orthopaedic, sports and workers’ compensation; much like a group of surgeons who specialize in orthopaedics.

Though the clinic started as my idea, I also knew I wanted to surround myself with like-minded professionals that could serve those in need. Three years later we’ve grown to a total staff of nine people.

Specializing in orthopaedics

The thought that Central Iowa is not big enough for a clinic that specializes like we do is false. People in our area are very educated and they know what they want from health care. They want a clinic that can give them the care they need and the results they demand. The best way to achieve those results is to work with a clinic that specializes in the problems they have.

Sterling works with local athletes, industry professionals, physicians, case managers and the workforce to address all of their needs for orthopaedic, sports and workers’ compensation cases.

Our commitment to patients

Our professional staff lives our mission of providing personal care and proven results each day, working hard to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly from the first time you call for an appointment to your last visit.

We are here for you every step of the way and will support you in achieving your goals.

To schedule an appointment: call 641.621.1401, email, or stop by in Pella.

If your physician suggests physical therapy, you have the right to choose the clinic. We would be happy to have you as a patient.