Team Sterling New Year’s Resolutions


            Resolutions are a tried and true tradition that helps a person to re-evaluate their life for the upcoming year. With 2011 on its way, we at Sterling Physical Therapy have done just that and here are the ideas we came up with.  If you think of it stop and ask us how our resolutions are going to help keep us accountable!

Travis-To will the Bears to win the Super Bowl!

            Drink more water!

            Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Raquel- To lose 20lbs.!

Denise- Spend more time with my mother and grandkids!

Rob- Spend less money on running shoes.  Convince my kids to do more of the laundry and dishes so I can get out of my share.  Will the Cubs to a World Series Championship. Run a sub 3:45:00 marathon.


Kitty-Take more time to do the things I enjoy!

Zach- Eat more fruits and vegetables! Gain 10 lbs.!

Megan- To run another marathon!

Myndi-To organize old family pictures that have been lying around for 9 years!

Pat- To continue my streak of not making any New Years resolutions and just keep doing what I’m doing…or I will just eat LESS pizza.

Angie-Eat less sugar and processed foods! Run another half marathon!

Paula-Rather than creating a new resolution for 2011 I’m working towards goals that have already been established in months and years past. I created quarterly, annual, 3 and 5 year goals a few years ago and each year I review them and update them.  I will be doing that this week so I have an updated plan for 2011.  I used the book titled, “Success is Not an Accident” by Tommy Newberry.  Anyone looking to create a personal mission statement, set, and achieve goals, and manage time well will want to read and apply this book.

            We have some wonderful goals and we hope that you have a chance to make some great resolutions of your own and accomplish some wonderful things in 2011!

Gym Class, Why Participation Matters!


            A study in 2009 by the USDA, found that only 6% of teenagers eat the recommended amount of vegetables and only 24% eat enough fruit.  With the diets of children and teenagers lacking in nutrition there is also the impact of sedentary activities to add to the health concerns.  With new video and computer games, numerous movies to be watched, and with weather growing colder, many kids will not be as physically active throughout the day as they should.  So will participating in gym class make a difference in their health?

            The answer is YES, as long as they actually participate….as in put forth effort.  On average teens are only active for 16 minutes of gym class!  However, Healthy People 2010, a federal initiative to improve physical fitness, has made it a goal to improve curriculum and diminish the amount of time students waste being sedentary in gym class.  This is a great step forward because many kids are missing out on some great benefits witch include;

  1. Exercise helping to promote bone and muscle growth
  2. Exercise helping to lower blood pressure
  3. Exercise helping with attention in class and better sleeping patterns
  4. A great energy outlet
  5. An introduction into a new sport or activity

Its’ time to take gym class seriously, and to realize that what are kids are doing each day can make a difference in their future health.

Why We’re Thankful

Why We’re Thankful

As the holiday of Thanksgiving fast approaches we at Sterling Physical Therapy have a lot to be thankful for. Each employee was asked what two things they are most thankful for about their jobs and here were the responses!

Travis-1) Great employees!
2) That we can specialize in orthopaedics and sports!

Rob-1) I really appreciate the physical atmosphere here. It feels more like a home than your typical medical clinic. The color and décor is warm, inviting, and I think motivating. It’s a piece of cake waking up each morning and coming to work here.
2) I’m thankful that over the years I have developed some life long relationships with people. I love running into former patients in public and catching up with how they are doing.

Pat-1) Great environment to work in!
2) That I am able to watch the NFL network while working!

Raquel-1) The people I work with!
2) I like my work and what I do!

Paula-1) Relationships with some great people!
2) Respect given for home and family priorities.

Myndi-1) I get to specialize in what I enjoy!
2) My work is flexible for my family!

Kitty-1) People I work with because they are fun and relaxing!
2) Meeting new people, getting to know them!

Zach-1) Getting to influence young minds!
2) Motivating people to achieve their best!

Denise-1) How much fun we have together!
2) Meeting new people!

Angie-1) That I get to do something I love everyday!
2) The wonderful working environment and co-workers!

We hope that this holiday season you have a lot to be thankful for too! From our Sterling “family” to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

How Does Sterling Decrease Pain?

“It hurts when I do this.” Response: “Well stop doing that”. That feedback most likely won’t work for you, and it certainly doesn’t resolve the root of the problem of pain. We can begin by describing pain as an uncomfortable, unpleasant and sometimes overwhelming sensory response towards an injury or disease process. Physical pain often affects our bones, joints, tendons, and muscular system. Pain can be described anywhere from sharp, shooting or stabbing, to dull or achy. While we all perceive pain a bit differently we can agree that pain hurts, it’s annoying, and gone untreated for even a short period of time can affect us physically as well as emotionally. It will disrupt our lifestyle, our work, our play.

Now the good part! In nearly all cases physical therapy can help alleviate and manage your pain, and often times without expensive medications or other methods that are invasive. You see, physical therapy clinicians are experts in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain as the result of injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. We understand this stuff, it’s our lives, and it’s a big area of focus here at Sterling. To alleviate pain we use a wide variety of treatment techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization, stretching and flexibility and exercise prescription. We also have a variety of modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation to help treat and alleviate your pain.

So if you’re in need of some pain relief why not give us a try. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you don’t have to live with pain. We promise to give it our all and help you overcome your discomfort and get back the life you need to lead.

October is Physical Therapy Month

October is Physical Therapy Month

Our exciting news this month is that it is Physical Therapy Month!! Here are the Sterling Physical Therapy Facts:
1. If your physician suggests physical therapy, you have the right to choose Sterling Physical Therapy.*
2. Sterling accepts most insurance plans.
3. You do not need to see a physician prior to being treated at Sterling.*
4. Insurance will pay for physical therapy; if you have specific questions about your plan, Sterling will help you find the answer.
*Sterling will consult with your physician as appropriate.*

What that means to you is that you can receive great care at Sterling, in a fun and warm atmosphere catered to you specific needs.
At Sterling we even reach out into the communities that are around us. Friday night we gave away two autographed footballs, signed by Tyler Lorenzen, an NFL football player that was part of last years Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saint’s team and a former patient of ours. We were also present at the Pella High game on October 15th, with a informative board about our clinic. Tyler was there as well to sign autographs. It was a great night!!

Congratulations to the winners of the autographed footballs: Nathan Clayberg & Donavan Holterhaus