Gym Class, Why Participation Matters!

Gym Class, Why Participation Matters!


            A study in 2009 by the USDA, found that only 6% of teenagers eat the recommended amount of vegetables and only 24% eat enough fruit.  With the diets of children and teenagers lacking in nutrition there is also the impact of sedentary activities to add to the health concerns.  With new video and computer games, numerous movies to be watched, and with weather growing colder, many kids will not be as physically active throughout the day as they should.  So will participating in gym class make a difference in their health?

            The answer is YES, as long as they actually participate….as in put forth effort.  On average teens are only active for 16 minutes of gym class!  However, Healthy People 2010, a federal initiative to improve physical fitness, has made it a goal to improve curriculum and diminish the amount of time students waste being sedentary in gym class.  This is a great step forward because many kids are missing out on some great benefits witch include;

  1. Exercise helping to promote bone and muscle growth
  2. Exercise helping to lower blood pressure
  3. Exercise helping with attention in class and better sleeping patterns
  4. A great energy outlet
  5. An introduction into a new sport or activity

Its’ time to take gym class seriously, and to realize that what are kids are doing each day can make a difference in their future health.


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