Paul Haasse

Paul Haasse

“In June 2017 I completed Relay Iowa, a 339 mile relay race with 9 other team members. Our team completed the run in about 51 hours. Without the help of Travis I would not have been able to complete my portion of running, which amounted to about 34 miles.

“During my training for the event, I began to experience extreme hip pain that limited my ability to run. I was struggling to complete my training runs and was very nervous I would let the other members of my team down. I contacted Travis, and he was able to get me in right away.

“The work he did in the office yielded great results for me and the “homework” he sent me home with helped tremendously. Travis worked with me over the 3 weeks prior to the race. Travis’s knowledge, coaching, and encouragement all helped me complete the event without issue and sold me on the amazing benefit physical therapy can have.

“Travis went above and beyond not only with the physical therapy but by giving me tips on nutrition, hydration, and training leading up to the event. He checked in with me during the event and followed up following the event. I can’t say enough how impressed I was with the professional help I received and the friendly atmosphere at Sterling Physical Therapy.”

Paul Haase

“Paul came in with a very common problem for runners, weak outside hip muscles. As we age, these muscles get weaker, and compounded by the fact that when runners train, they typically focus on “running” and not much else.

“In Paul’s case, we got him started on outside hip strengthening (which he did exactly as prescribed). The outside hip weakness affected Paul by overworking the  hip rotators on one side, causing pain and decreased performance. In the clinic, we did hands-on techniques to help with hip mobility and proper mechanics.

“The last piece of the puzzle was a hydration log, which showed he was low on the electrolytes that our muscles need to function at a high level. I put him on a proper electrolyte schedule, and he was able to complete his goal of running across Iowa.

“No matter what type of runner you are, most likely you have some of these issues. If you would like to be evaluated, fill out this form and we will schedule an appointment to get you performing at your best.”