Area Teens Participate in Pella’s Amazing Race Challenge

Area Teens Participate in Pella’s Amazing Race Challenge

Sterling Physical Therapy sponsored the Amazing Race event on March 18—the Pella version for area teens, similar to the nationally syndicated reality television game show.

Organized by the Pella Aquatic Center, the Pella Art Center, and the Pella Public Library, ten teams of two teens swam, danced, ran, and crafted their way through the various race events.

“We feel it is important for kids to participate in physical activity and to make it fun,” said Katie Dreyer, youth services librarian at the Pella Public Library. “The Amazing Race was a way for us to incorporate a lot of different challenges into one program and highlight fun physical activity as some of those challenges.”

Given the clinic’s previous triathlon sponsorship and healthy living goals, sponsoring the event was an easy choice for Sterling Physical Therapy.

“[We are] committed to the community, and particularly interested in any activities that promote good health. When we were contacted to be part of this event it was a no brainer,” shared Travis Sterling, owner of Sterling Physical Therapy.

Teams had five different challenges to complete—beginning at the indoor pool. There, teams had to find a total of five dollars in coins, while pulling their teammate around in an inner tube. Then, after being transported to the Community Center, teams performed a Dutch Dance in wooden shoes, for which Mayor Dobernecker was a judge. After the dance, teams ran an obstacle race in the gym and made tulips at the Art Center. Finally, teams rushed to the library to complete a library skills challenge.

Research from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion shows that nearly half of all young people aged 12-21 are not vigorously active on a regular basis, and that physical activity declines dramatically with age during adolescence.

“[The challenge] was for physical activity for the teens and to offer a fun and exciting program for teens during Spring Break,” said Dreyer.

Sterling works with patients of all ages, including teenagers. Learn how the clinic’s therapists help Knoxville athletes overcome injuries by watching the video at left.


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