Health insurance changes very fast and can be overwhelming to consumers and providers. With recent changes and the local health insurance enviroment Sterling is now an In-Network Provider for United Health Care (UHC) (Pella Community Schools Insurance) and United Medical Resources (UMR) (Pella Corporations Insurance). Many times people get confused with what “in-network” means. The best way to look at this is now when you want to access Sterling’s excellent orthopaedic and sports physical therapy, you will be able to per your insurance plan. For example now it will only cost you a co-pay to be treated at Sterling (per your specific plan).

Sterling Physical Therapy been providing excellent orthopaedic and sports physical therapy for the past four years, we are the only locally owned clinic with this specialization. It’s our goal to evolve as changes occur in health care and continue providing our unique, locally owned service, to our community. If you have any questions regarding this new option please contact us at 641.621.1401.