Team Sterling New Year’s Resolutions

Team Sterling New Year’s Resolutions


            Resolutions are a tried and true tradition that helps a person to re-evaluate their life for the upcoming year. With 2011 on its way, we at Sterling Physical Therapy have done just that and here are the ideas we came up with.  If you think of it stop and ask us how our resolutions are going to help keep us accountable!

Travis-To will the Bears to win the Super Bowl!

            Drink more water!

            Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Raquel- To lose 20lbs.!

Denise- Spend more time with my mother and grandkids!

Rob- Spend less money on running shoes.  Convince my kids to do more of the laundry and dishes so I can get out of my share.  Will the Cubs to a World Series Championship. Run a sub 3:45:00 marathon.


Kitty-Take more time to do the things I enjoy!

Zach- Eat more fruits and vegetables! Gain 10 lbs.!

Megan- To run another marathon!

Myndi-To organize old family pictures that have been lying around for 9 years!

Pat- To continue my streak of not making any New Years resolutions and just keep doing what I’m doing…or I will just eat LESS pizza.

Angie-Eat less sugar and processed foods! Run another half marathon!

Paula-Rather than creating a new resolution for 2011 I’m working towards goals that have already been established in months and years past. I created quarterly, annual, 3 and 5 year goals a few years ago and each year I review them and update them.  I will be doing that this week so I have an updated plan for 2011.  I used the book titled, “Success is Not an Accident” by Tommy Newberry.  Anyone looking to create a personal mission statement, set, and achieve goals, and manage time well will want to read and apply this book.

            We have some wonderful goals and we hope that you have a chance to make some great resolutions of your own and accomplish some wonderful things in 2011!


  1. 2 people’s resolutions don’t surprise me one bit–Paula’s and Pat’s. Paula always outshines us all with her elaborate and put together thoughts and then there’s Pat, who plays the role of the Sterling renegade and is too cool to make resolutions : )

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