Waking up after surgery.

Waking up after surgery.

The first thing I remember is something itching my nose, which turned out to be the oxygen tube. The next thing I tried was to swallow, it was the worst sore throat I’d ever had, just as Dr. Nelson told me it would be.

The next step was to try and sit up to check out my neck. I was surprised that the pain down my arm was gone. When neurologic pain is resolved that quickly it is a very good sign for a successful surgery. After sitting up I noticed the neck collar and that I would be stuck with this thing for the next six weeks. The collar was already hot and itchy.

We were surprised with how small and good the incision looked. I could definately feel swelling in the area of the scar from where Dr. Nelson dissected down to reach my spine. I remember at this point having a strong desire for Mt. Dew which I don’t drink normally was probably from the anesthesia. I was able to eat a little broth for supper and then Jennifer left to get some sleep. Some people get very tired from the anesthesia but it affects me the opposite way, I’m wired. So I used this energy and insomnia to walk laps on the post op floor. Walking is good to get blood to the bone graft to promote healing and its also good for our kidneys, heart and lungs.  Soon it was morning and Jennifer was back. I had some breakfast and then we waited to talk with Dr. Nelson. He did a quick run through on the surgery an what I should expect going home. We then talked about football and hunting. Once Dr. Nelson was done we waited for the discharge nurse and once the paper work was done we walked to the parking lot. Stay tuned for week 1 reports and video from home.




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