Welcome to Sterling Physical Therapy

Welcome to Sterling Physical Therapy

Thanks for visiting our blog and taking time to learn about my clinic. My name is Travis Sterling and I’m the owner of Sterling Physical Therapy, an Iowa clinic specializing in orthopaedic, sports and workers’ compensation cases.

The clinic was founded in 2007 and is based out of Pella, though we recently opened an office in Knoxville to continue expanding our services to patients.

The Sterling story

The idea for Sterling Physical Therapy came to me while working as a physical therapist in previous roles. As a former Central College football player I had a strong interest in the orthopaedic side of physical therapy. After thinking about the idea and the opportunity it would present for me to help others, I decided I wanted to found a clinic that focused on orthopaedic, sports and workers’ compensation; much like a group of surgeons who specialize in orthopaedics.

Though the clinic started as my idea, I also knew I wanted to surround myself with like-minded professionals that could serve those in need. Three years later we’ve grown to a total staff of nine people.

Specializing in orthopaedics

The thought that Central Iowa is not big enough for a clinic that specializes like we do is false. People in our area are very educated and they know what they want from health care. They want a clinic that can give them the care they need and the results they demand. The best way to achieve those results is to work with a clinic that specializes in the problems they have.

Sterling works with local athletes, industry professionals, physicians, case managers and the workforce to address all of their needs for orthopaedic, sports and workers’ compensation cases.

Our commitment to patients

Our professional staff lives our mission of providing personal care and proven results each day, working hard to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly from the first time you call for an appointment to your last visit.

We are here for you every step of the way and will support you in achieving your goals.

To schedule an appointment: call 641.621.1401, email Info@SterlingOSPT.com, or stop by in Pella.

If your physician suggests physical therapy, you have the right to choose the clinic. We would be happy to have you as a patient.


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