Why We’re Thankful

Why We’re Thankful

Why We’re Thankful

As the holiday of Thanksgiving fast approaches we at Sterling Physical Therapy have a lot to be thankful for. Each employee was asked what two things they are most thankful for about their jobs and here were the responses!

Travis-1) Great employees!
2) That we can specialize in orthopaedics and sports!

Rob-1) I really appreciate the physical atmosphere here. It feels more like a home than your typical medical clinic. The color and décor is warm, inviting, and I think motivating. It’s a piece of cake waking up each morning and coming to work here.
2) I’m thankful that over the years I have developed some life long relationships with people. I love running into former patients in public and catching up with how they are doing.

Pat-1) Great environment to work in!
2) That I am able to watch the NFL network while working!

Raquel-1) The people I work with!
2) I like my work and what I do!

Paula-1) Relationships with some great people!
2) Respect given for home and family priorities.

Myndi-1) I get to specialize in what I enjoy!
2) My work is flexible for my family!

Kitty-1) People I work with because they are fun and relaxing!
2) Meeting new people, getting to know them!

Zach-1) Getting to influence young minds!
2) Motivating people to achieve their best!

Denise-1) How much fun we have together!
2) Meeting new people!

Angie-1) That I get to do something I love everyday!
2) The wonderful working environment and co-workers!

We hope that this holiday season you have a lot to be thankful for too! From our Sterling “family” to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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